Beryl the Brahman is no stranger to online fame, but in the past week her star has risen substantially after her owners shared her tale of survival during the flooding in North West Queensland. 6 81 105 The universe and the soul inside each being is Brahman, and the universe and the soul outside each being is Brahman, according to Advaita Vedanta. Brahman lies at the base of all the material non-conscious objects in this world and sustains the material existence of the world.

Indeed, the highest idea is that Brahman is beyond both Existence and non-existence, transcending and including time, causation and space, and thus cannot ever be known in the same sense as one traditionally 'understands' a given concept or object. When man tries to know the attributeless Brahman with his mind, under the influence of an illusionary power of Brahman called Maya, Brahman becomes God ( Ishvara).

Brahman was too remote, indifferent, disinterested, too vast a principle to be reduced into meaningful and intellectually satisfying forms and shapes and worshipped as such. There is also considerable speculation about the relationship between Brahman and the individual souls.

All students of Vedanta seek this Atman to get Brahmanubhava. 71 This view is stated in this school in many different forms, such as "Ekam sat" ("Truth is one"), and all is Brahman. The sum total of space-time and causation is maya that obscures the Reality 3. Being absolute, zero and infinity are two aspects of the one Ultimate Reality.

That Which is changeless, existent only, and beyond both mind and speech, Which shines as the Truth amidst the illusion of the three worlds, is the Brahman according to Its real nature That Brahman is known in samadhi -yoga by those who look upon all things alike, who are above all contraries, devoid of doubt, free of all illusion regarding body and soul.