Use your prepaid gift cards wherever PayPal is accepted. If you've waited till the last minute and absolutely have to buy a gift card in a retail store, look for those kept behind the counter or in well-sealed packaging, Henderson says. Arch Card purchases are not refundable and cannot be exchanged. If you choose to set up Auto-Reload on a schedule, the first Auto-Reload will be applied to your Gift Card Balance on the delivery date you select and the consecutive Auto-Reloads will occur according to the frequency you choose.

Myer Gift Cards can be used at Myer stores nationally and online at Please note that conditions and exclusions apply refer to the Myer Gift Card Terms of Use for details. There are other additional benefits which you will get if you become a long term user of MyBalanceNow-Target Gift Card.

There are a handful of things we can count on every holiday season: time off from work and school; an overweight, bearded out-of-towner breaking into homes through the chimney; tone-deaf neighbors singing at your doorstep; embarrassing office-party antics; overeating; and, of course, gift cards.

Target is by far my favorite retail store to shop in and the loss of this gift card is devastating for me. There is the monetary loss, but I also feel a loss of trust in Target as a company. If your payment is declined, it's likely that you don't have enough money on your prepaid gift card to cover the entire transaction amount.

Gift Cards are not refundable or redeemable for cash, except where required by law. It's also a good idea to keep the receipt with the gift card in order to ensure the card can be used (I once received a gift card that didn't have any money on it, so the gift giver returned it with the receipt for a new one).

If you are interested in purchasing the card despite these limitations, you may find the at Target locations a few selected stores. A: Standard gift cards have no expiration dates. Like all payment cards, prepaid cards should be safeguarded, treated like cash. The best thing you can do is ask a cashier or store manager about their purchase policy before getting in line with your card.