I KNOW I CAN Plan Guide

Established in 1998, the I KNOW I CAN organizations seeks to ensure that every competent Columbus Public School student who would like to go to college gets the opportunity to do so. The main mission is to encourage children to uncover what resources are available to them so as to overcome student and parent concerns about informational and economic decisions regarding a college education.

The I KNOW I CAN plan has four objectives. The first is to motivate students to keep in college and pursue college. The second is to advise students and parents how to apply for college and access educational funding. The third mission is to fund students using the Last Dollar Grant and find additional resources of educational funding for needy students. Eventually, the organization claims continuing support for students in school to help ensure that they c-omplete their degrees.

Early Awareness Programs

The Columbus Schools offers children a lengthy term pro-gram for attending college. As a way to show children that college is possible and affordable for people from all walks of life starting in second-grade, a free I KNOW I CAN motivational childrens book is received by all Columbus Public School children. In case you desire to be taught more on baby photography columbus ohio, we know about many resources people should think about pursuing.

At the center and high school level, the Summer Scholars Program helps academically gifted students attend summer enrichment programs at university campuses across the nation. Columbus Public School students receive financial and application help attend these programs and achieve the required experience of what life is like on a college campus.

High School Courses

Fiscal and academic advising for all high school students, with a certain focus on high school seniors, is yet another way in which the I KNOW I CAN firm helps Columbus Public School students prepare for college. Offer consultants help Columbus Public School students by arranging college recognition fairs and a variety of actions that bring students to college campuses and help them comprehend the many strategies that they can use to get entrance, including test preparation as well as enrolling in college preparation programs while still in high school.

Every February, the I KNOW I CAN hosts Educational Funding classes in conjunction with the Columbus Public Schools. These courses help students and parents complete all of the required forms for applying for state and federal financial aid. These classes set volunteers with students and parents to guarantee the private interest for each Columbus Public School student considering applying for college financial aid. We found out about best photographer by searching newspapers.

Last Dollar Grants

After ensuring that every Columbus Public School student has obtained all of the financial help possible from national and state resources, the I KNOW I CAN business helps to prepare extra money, up to $1,200 per academic year for anyone students who need extra cash to fill the gaps in their financial aid package. Browse here at family photographer near me to check up when to think over it. Financial aid assistance is guaranteed by the organization to every capable graduate in the Columbus City School District. The awards are available for as much as five years and have to be r-e applied for every year that the student attends college..

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