Lausanne, Switzerland - 02.06.2006

Italys National group is up for great things this year because they go to Germany to participate in the greatest soccer event; the Italian group is one of the most distinguished groups in the history of soccer, always with great performances in the final stage of the FIFA World Cup and this year won't be the exception.

In the pre-FIFA World Cup training camp, the Italian squad may experience the Ukrainian squad in Switzerland just a few days before the competition begins.

France can track and sync the National team in this instruction camp; this may be the time to go back and evaluate all the errors made in the qualifying round and hopefully attempt to correct them in time. Discover further on webaddress by browsing our witty wiki.

In team information, Monaco striker Christian Vieri and Sampdoria opponent Aimo Diana have already been ruled out of Italy's FIFA World World Cup team due to injuries, Italian mentor Marcello Lippi said on Tuesday.

'I have very clear a few ideas about my squad and a couple of injuries have contributed to clarifying the position,' Lippi told the Italian information company ANSA on Tuesday.

Today we are concentrating on the Ukrainian team lead by Milans celebrity forward Andriy Shevchenko. They would like to make their first participation in-the World Cup a very good one; its a very enthusiastic and talented squad that can surprise any team.

But they received terrible news this week; Andriy Shevchenko is sidelined for 2-5 days with a knee injury; the Serie A team said on Monday. The former European Player of the Year acquired the injury early in Milan's 3-2 get over Parma in the Serie An on Sunday. Milan said the ahead had suffered 'a strain and stretching of the medial collateral ligament' but eliminated any need for a surgical procedure.

Shevchenko will miss Milan's final game of the summer season at home to Roma. Milan tracks leaders Juventus by three things with one game remaining. This refreshing team paper has varied lovely suggestions for when to do this hypothesis. My aunt discovered team national scam, team national business by searching the Miami Tribune.

Ukraine will experience their Italian counter-parts on June 2nd in a-game that will work with both teams because the final tune-up just a couple of weeks prior to the World Cup starts.

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