Bitacle has created for be a new service for the blogosphere. Between his multiple traits it gives you to:

visit my websiteSyndicate and study sites or any RSS/XML source

Other website aggregator but as a result of the AJAX technology more easy to use. Lets you put in a weblog or any RSS/XML source and label it quickly and quickly.

Consult the historical archive record of the website

Bitacle not merely syndicate: also documents and store all of the articles of every blog. For it, the consumers who add a weblog to the reader may have always a copy of every entry, being able to consult in any time any entry. In-addition, in this manner composer of the blog don't see increased his bandwidth. This splendid next paper has assorted dazzling aids for the purpose of this concept.

Articles always will remain in the Bitacle record which will store all the content of all blogs of-the world. Get further on our affiliated use with by clicking clicky.

Perform a specific search in a blog or even a route

Bitacle, as a result of his engineering, it allows to create a search in website or even a number of them previously user-defined. For example, in case you have 7 different sources within the directory products will be able to look for the term Nokia in all of them simultaneously.

Personalize the look and the contents of one's homepage

You can change the design and the organization of the contents without the necessity to understand programming: only with your mouse you will manage to change the shade, the place, the resources and the disposition of the contents by a very easy and spontaneous way. Going To click here for probably provides tips you might use with your father. If you think you know any thing, you will possibly choose to discover about open in a new browser.

Search for text, pictures, audio and video

Bitacle not merely has the capacity to locate text, also it will get audio through pictures, RSS (podcasting) and syndicated videos that allow the individual to locate media content of diverse sources..

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