If you are in need of a qualified and professional CPA, look towards an experienced and reputable firm of certified public accountants that will be a trusted business advisor. Because of new-accountant the highly technical nature of an accountant, some of the most important accounting skills and abilities center on organization. An accountant with this knowledge is likely to be less of a risk and be far more productive than one who does not know the various laws and best practices that make corporate accounting accurate and honest.

The controller must exhibit strong team leadership , with the ability to hire the right people, provide them clear direction, motivate them, and hold them accountable," Schoppert added. For instance, they must have a good knowledge of the accounting principles and tax laws and other latest trends in the industry.

Accountants can't be loners; they have to develop the ability to work in a team. The CPA exam consists of 4 parts - Regulation, Auditing, Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) and Business Environment. The controller also is expected to stay educated on emerging accounting topics and new standards, like revenue recognition and lease accounting, that may impact the company's financial statements or disclosures, Harding said.

We've compiled a list of reasons to convince you - as well as six qualities to identify in a great accountant - so you can keep the focus on nurturing and growing your business. An accountant with the right expertise will help you meet tax obligations and provide peace of mind at every stage of your business growth.

You want an accountant who has experience working with your business size and type. Any accountants you consider should have testimonials or be able to offer references from previous or ongoing clients. They talk with company leaders concerning methods used to prepare management financial reports needed for decision-making.