1.Install Windows Vista in a test computer.

2.Install most of the ap-plication to be assessed on the Windows Vista. If an alert one requesting permission to install the application is going to be demonstrated, allows the access and remains. When the installation is going to be effective, polishes for period 6.

3.If the installation of the application to fail and no one of approval of the installation is likely to be mentioned, press with the right key on installer EXE and advise the performance of this program as administrator (work the administrator) and reinstall the application

4.If they'll have errors, like the model of, register of CLSID, or content of records, click with the right button on installer /EXE, and chooses the edge of compatibility. Discover further on our affiliated link by browsing to the hotel at mandalay bay concierge. I'll pick the method of compatibility with Windows XP SP2. Discover further about vegas vip deals by browsing our original portfolio.

5.It tries to mount again. Pass point 9, when the installation won't be successful.

6.The ap-plication must now be mounted.

7.It initiates the applying. If the application to not implement or if problems precisely is going to be described, wall lamp the way of the compatibility with Windows XP SP2 to the EXE of the application (border of compatibility of the screen of properties) and try again.

8.If the application to perform properly, executes some tests involving the basic uses of the same one. This period says respect to the test of the exact same features that this program shows on Windows XP. If it'll be authorized in the tests of uses, cross phase 1-0.

9.If the application not to deploy, to implement, to depart to operate precisely, to discover a mistake or fails in the main tests of functionality, it can be a part of a small group of programs which will be frozen by the changes in the Windows Vista.

10.You it concluded the test methods.

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