The Cutting Board.....

You use it daily in your Kitchen. If not cared for it can make you ill And yet you probably never give another thought to it.

The Chopping Board is a big board you utilize in your kitchen for reducing, cutting and preparing food on.

You'll find heaps of alternatives to pick from wood, glass, marble, plastic, when buying a new table. And it may be a confusing decision.

Marble and glass typ-e cutting panels may possibly look great but they play havoc on your own knives. The hard surface will quickly blunt your knife and harm its edge.

Therefore, keep your glass and marble boards for providing food only.

When it comes to wooden and plastic boards, even the experts are divided as to that will be best. It boils down to individual preference. And mine is. wooden. To explore additional info, please have a gander at:

Wooden boards are often heavier and less likely to want to slip. They're also more desirable and can be utilized to serve food at the table.

Where as plastic boards are lighter, come in different colors and are dishwasher safe.

Whatever type you choose, it is imperative you clean it well. Unwanted organisms can breed on your table and cause terrible food poisoning.

Therefore be sure to scrub your table well after every use, with detergent and hot water. Discover supplementary information on our favorite partner encyclopedia - Click here: SAHE Products Announces Premium Quality Bamboo Chopping Board. Then let it stand and drip dry. Your table ought to be completely dry before using again.

Its a good idea to get several panel, to prevent cross-contamination. Have one for fresh meat and one for other foods.

Or go to the extreme and do what the pros do. To read more, we recommend you check out: Use 5 different colored boards:-

Red Organic Meats

Yellow Poultry

Blue Seafood

Natural Good fresh fruit and Vegetables

White Common

So, if you board is just starting to look somewhat worse for wear, then it is probably time for a new one. And now you will be well informed to choose the right one for you.

Happy Cooking

Lisa 'The Crock Make'

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