Use your prepaid gift cards wherever PayPal is accepted. Consider using or giving digital gift cards when possible to help avoid problems. Gift cards are very popular during the holidays. One popular type of prepaid gift card is that of the dedicated brand name gift card. When returning an item purchased online, you may need to provide your Gift Card number.

If, in the one purchase, you have ordered different types of cards, these may arrive in separate envelopes and perhaps on different days. The Walmart employees at the Money Center might be enforcing a no Visa gift card policy. Some issuers may count gift card purchases as cash advances.

It's possible he or she didn't enter it as a gift card, but incorrectly hit ‘debit' or ‘credit,'" says Shelley Hunter, content manager, spokeswoman and gift card girlfriend" for A manager or customer service representative can double-check to make sure your gift card was entered as a gift card, Hunter says.

It enables you to instapaper.Com make purchases online and by phone. Alternatively, for customer service you may call 1-877-297-4438 for questions about American Express Gift Cards. Delivery of emailed Gift Cards are instant, however eGift Cards are delivered inactive, and will be activated 24 hours after purchase.

I did NOT realize you can MAKE money while loading Bluebird to pay my $5000 + Monthly Expenses for: Rent + Health Insurance + Utilities + Etc that do NOT accept credit cards. Click the Sign In" button to gain access to your online card account. However Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Gift Cards are more secure than cash because the cardholder's signature is required for a purchase.