You dont?

Are you sure?

I wouldnt be so sure if I were you.

Unless you've had a recent type-specific blood test to test for the current presence of herpes simplex anti-bodies you can not say with any certainty that you dont have herpes.

You believe that only 20% of the population has herpes?


You might have heard that one out-of every five people has herpes, but that number is untrue and a distortion of the important points. This unique Meet Positives Introduces At-home Herpes Testing link has several stirring lessons for why to see about this concept. The reality is...

I've herpes, dont you?

You dont?

Are you sure?

I wouldnt be so sure if I were you. Learn further on a related encyclopedia by navigating to Meet Positives Introduces At-home Herpes Testing.

Until you've had a current type-specific blood test to test for the presence of herpes simplex anti-bodies you can not say with any confidence that you dont have herpes.

You imagine that only 20% of the population has herpes?

Think again.

You may have seen that one out-of every five people has herpes, but that number is false and a distortion of the important points. The truth is that at least 60% of the adult citizenry has herpes.

Some people for reasons known only in their mind decided to exclude people who get herpes above the waist- people who get so-called cold sores on their mouths and faces, from the herpes research generally noted in the media, then reporting only the percentage of people who get herpes below the waist- so-called genital herpes. This makes no sense at all since the medical literature doesnt move herpes simplex 1 (cool sores) as a different disease as herpes simplex 2 (genital herpes )- but rather as two different kinds of the sam-e disease which are nearly identical genetically, and since lots of the new instances of herpes of the genital region are really due to people finding herpes simplex 1 on their genitals from oral sex. There is really no such thing as cold sores it is simplex herpes simplex one of the mouth or experience. And those who have it do not need to maintain denial pretending that its anything besides herpes simplex. The simple truth is as you are able to get herpes simplex 1 on almost any part of your human body including your nose, your elbows, your fingers, your belly, your genitals, your butt, and so forth. The reality is that herpes simplex is herpes simplex and it's only misleading not to include the individuals with herpes simplex 1 in herpes statistics.

Somewhere between 20 and 25% of the population get their herpes sores below the waist and somewhere between 50 and 80% of the population gets their herpes sores above the waist. If you factor in how many those who have both herpes 1 and 2 at once, you're left comprehending that at least 60-minutes of the population has herpes simplex. Which rings true if you think about that 80-second of the adult population has had chlamydia at least once and that 70% of the adult population has HPV (genital warts or cervical dysplasia).

This is actually the fact of our times. There is almost no adult who has had a lot more than six sex partners who hasnt found a sexually-transmitted disease. Including your-self. Including myself.

You say youve been examined before for sexually transmitted diseases and are clear?

I wouldnt be so certain. Herpes and HPV are hardly ever a part of routine screening for sexually transmitted infections. Some medical practioners have the attitude of Almost everyone tests positive for herpes why bother screening. Until you've especially asked for a type-specific blood test for herpes including the Western Blot test you have probably never had an accurate herpes test. Swabbing for the pres-ence of herpes may and usually does establish false negative tests. I understand that from personal knowledge. The health practitioners informed me twice that I didnt have herpes before effectively testing me positive for herpes while I had already had a really clear major outbreak.

I strongly encourage you to obtain a type-specific blood examination for herpes if you genuinely believe that you dont have herpes or are unsure of your herpes status. If you test negative for herpes it will allow you to make some choices regarding sexuality to help keep you herpes free for the rest of one's sexual history. If you test positive for herpes it'll allow you to choose to deal with your herpes and make safer sex options to assist you to make this outbreak worse and not infect others. Not merely is it the ethical thing to do it is also the happy thing to do since herpes makes you more susceptible to HIV and HPV and could have some possible links to specific forms of cancer and alzheimers. If you dont know you wont get treatment. Knowledge is empowering. Rejection is irresponsible.

You say you're sure you dont have herpes since you havent had an outbreak?

Most people with herpes, probably as much as 700-800 dont get apparent outbreaks. You may be having sub-clinical (simple) out-breaks or may be shedding virus asymptomatically (without symptoms). You may be infecting the others with herpes without knowing it.

Dont forget of having a test. Herpes could be effortlessly treated by a mix of diet, stress reduction and natural medicine or by drug therapy. My sister discovered by browsing Google Books. There is no remedy however it possible to go years between outbreaks.

I still believe that most people when given a choice choose to the do the proper thing. Finding examined for herpes is the proper thing.

A fantastic resource for learning about herpes is the global herpes resource heart

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