When you look at the different styles of coffee tables that you can choose from you should be aware of what your personal style and decor is. If you have a modern or contemporary style then you need to find a table with brighter colors that was constructed from industrial metals such as aluminum or even a plastic base. That's intentional since the height of a coffee table is directly correlated to the seat height of the average sofa. That's why we have so many coffee tables for sale on our site, including coffee tables from brands like Corrigan Studio and Greyleigh. In fact, many coffee tables take up a significant amount of floor space so using them for more than one purpose makes sense when storage space is scarce.

Along with the stylishness that a coffee table can bring, they can also be very functional pieces that can, if needed, be used for storage. The choices that you make regarding the size, shape, cost, material and style of the coffee table are thus vitally important to making your living room a welcoming space and setting the tone that you desire for your home.

They're popular because they not only look cool, but are highly functional offering 3-in-1 coffee tables. For a rustic style space, you want to ensure wood and metal are key components to the coffee table. It doesn't matter whether you are getting an outdoor coffee table or getting one to suit your teak wood furniture arrangement, there are some serious don't's when it comes to picking a coffee table.

The standard rectangular coffee table design still has a lot to offer, especially when storage is involved. The perfect partner to a coffee table and footstool is an armchair or two. Enjoy the search whether it is for a Lucite table or one that will have your guests talking, you will find the perfect piece for your space.

Many small children have a particular fascination for coffee tables, spending hours investigating the treasures that they can hold. As homes get smaller, designers get more creative, and decorating enthusiasts get more adventurous, some interesting alternatives to traditional love my coffee table tables have been making their way onto the scene.