Beryl the Brahman is no stranger to online fame, but in the past week her star has risen substantially after her owners shared her tale of survival during the flooding in North West Queensland. Brahman ( Devanagari: ब्रह्म ) is the concept of the Godhead found in Hinduism Brahman is the unchanging, infinite, immanent, and transcendent reality which is the Divine Ground of all things in this universe. Most are vegetarian but some groups eat some meat, particularly fish, and many individuals even from vegetarian Brahman groups are now eating meat (rarely beef, and often meat eating is surreptitious).

Soul or Supreme Self or Atman or Brahman is that abiding, constantly existing and imperishable entity which is the basis for this world, which is indivisible self-luminous, unchanging and all-pervading, Shakti which is the silent witness or Sakshi of the three states viz., waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

It is speculated that Brahman-influenced cattle have a greater surface area of skin that allows them to efficiently dissipate body heat in hot and humid environments. This Absolute reality at the base of our consciousness is Brahman. The Truth, brahman is vibhuhu, is all pervading, everywhere, like space, without any shape, form or color.

Brahma-nistha: The study of Vedanta should culminate in the Experience of Brahman. Not to be confused with Brahma (the Hindu god), Brahmana (a layer of text in the Vedas), Brahmanism (the religion), or Brahmin (the caste-varna). Jivan Mukti is the one who realizes Brahman while alive and his merits and demerits all erase the moment he realizes the Truth (Brahman), even while alive in the current body.

Brahman is surrounded by an ocean of mind, an ocean of Prana and an ocean of ether and Tanmatras. The Atman and Brahman are concepts from the Vedanta branch of Hinduism that represent respectively your individual consciousness and universal consciousness The Brahman is thus a pantheistic perspective on the divine.