In Advaita Vedanta, the world is said to have an amorphous reality and it is only Brahman or Oneness, the root of the world, which has true reality. Vishista-dvaita or qualified monism: In this, the world is considered to emanate from the Absolute Brahman and the world is an effect of Brahman, like a web from a spider. If people with high intelligence and knowledge could achieve Self-realization, many would have realized by now because there are plenty of such people in this universe.

Brahman or Atman or the Supreme Self is self-luminous. Consciousness to the Infinite Consciousness: God, the Supreme Self (Paramatman). We are really this Absolute Brahman all along. The universe is not just conscious, but it is consciousness, and this consciousness is Brahman.

Advaita Vedanta gives a goal for our spirituality because it says that the Brahman or Oneness lies at the root of our consciousness. The seers who inspired the composition of the Upanisads asserted that the liberated soul ( jivanmukta) has realized his identity with Brahman as his true self (see Atman).

This Immensity Brahman is beyond the comprehension of any of this transcendental Being there issues forth the first form of Godhead known as the Para-Vāsudeva in a subtle form with twoarms, crystal in complexion and clad in yellow garments. This is said to be the purest state of existence of Brahman and is a part of Advaita metaphysics.

The Ultimate Truth is expressed as Nirguna Brahman, or LORD Or BOSS of all "GODS". Brahman lies at the root, the base, of this world and gives it its reality. A portion of Egoic consciousness lies buried in the etheric heart awaiting the outer consciousness to acknowledge its existence and to manifests its essential qualities and nature in the physical plane.

Even though the scriptures explain that the Atman, all pervading Brahman is not the Body, Mind and Intellect, one may never trust this knowledge or it promised results of liberation from this samsara without actually seeing one who is abiding on IT and showing us the possibility of leading us towards achieving IT.

Presented below are a few articles on Brahmanwhich may help you gain a proper understanding of this Highest and Absolute God of Hinduism, the Ruler of All. Those who have these qualities are the best brahmans. Brahman is known also by the names Atman or Purusha.