CBD is the short form for cannabidiol. This process works by dissolving the trichome heads in the liquid solvent which is separated from the plant material and purged (evaporated off) in a vacuum oven or dessicator and vacuum pump to ensure we are left with a pure resin extract with as little residual solvent as possible.

As with butane, CO2 and rosin extraction, making bubble hash involves separating THC from plant matter — but instead of using a solvent like butane or CO2, this process uses ice water. Concentrates made with propane (propane hash oil) also tend to take on a butter-like consistency.

Simply put, cannabis oil is the concentrated liquid extract of the marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa. Shatter is the purest form of concentrated cannabis. Also called ‘medical marijuana Delivery driver marijuana extracts,' these concentrated forms of cannabis are the ideal choice for cannabis veterans and those new to smoking for a variety of reasons.

After extraction using a solvent, distillate products are then treated with ethanol before distillation proper. Some of the C02 companies will put their final product through an extra fractional distillation process to further refine the oil into specific mixes containing higher concentrations of specific cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG.

If a concentrate is disturbed during the extraction process a softer consistency more like wax or crumble is created. The Albany University, State University of New York, recently performed a study on dabbing which is a term used to describe the method of smoking cannabis extracts.

It's made by blasting plant material with a solvent using a closed-loop extraction system. The result is an extremely potent extract that, like BHO, can have various different textures, and preserves many more terpenes and flavonoids than some of the other processes listed here.

Since it always tends to crumble, this wax is considered harder to handle and less popular than other types of concentrates. Terpenes have been an important source of medicinal products for millennia and continue to have employment in the fields of medicine, pharmacy and general biology.