chicken pasta recipesHere is the recipe for the special chicken Chettinad, the major among the popular dishes you must try once you visit Chennai, India. Chicken Chettinad is unique and entirely different from other chicken masala dishes of any other part of the country. The unique spice blend is what brings in the authentic taste of chicken Chettinad. Once you know the spice blend, no matter in which part of the world you are, you can quickly make chicken Chettinad which exactly tastes the same as the ones you get in any Tamil restaurants.

You will find many variations of chicken Chettinad, but I’m putting own a recipe I have tried many times and approved by my friends and family. I’m sure you will love this Chettinad recipe, and the distinct flavors depend significantly on the spices used, and the flavors differ as per the spices used.

Chicken Chettinad dish belongs to the authentic Chettinad cuisine of Tamilnadu which is enriched online recipes by the liberal usage of aromatic Indian spices and therefore the final dish will be very spicy, flavorful and aromatic.