Also known as burma adventure tour Jade Jade Yu, Late Qing Dynasty in China rage: as Minister of the Qing Imperial Household Department Ling Rong Lu in a jade tube, the value of gold 13000 2. Mid-30s, Beijing Fei Wang Tieyu Pavilion has a large bracelet, silver with 40,000 sold in Shanghai Du Yuesheng. As the Burmese JADE hardness , clean and bright. Both bright emerald color and has a good peace, a high value of preservation and collection, Guer known as the "king of jade." Was a lot of jelly, loved by those who wear jade. Japan, New Zealand Hai Ba emerald as their own "country rock." Since JADE production in China are close to Austin, and most of the finished products processed in China, geographical locations, together with Chinese people JADE special preference for western countries generally believe that jade is China's "national jade."

burma adventure toursSecond, the color of Burmese Jadeite Jade

Burmese jadeite jade custom colors for the different regions, the segmentation method is slightly different, in the kingdom of Myanmar jade, the jade 12 levels divided into three categories. China jewelry industry is different according to their Cuise put it down to the more than 30 levels. General remarks Myanmar jade color tone can be divided into the following six:

1, white, essentially free of other impurities.

2, red, containing the chemical element iron .

3, green, with more than 2% of chromium .

4, black, with more than 2% of chromium and iron .

5, yellow, with elements of tantalum.

6, purple, containing elements of chromium iron cobalt .

Particularly green jade in Myanmar, in addition to its beautiful color, extremely resistant to chemicals than it regardless of status, position, age, gender can wear. Which is in line with the Chinese people implicitly, peaceful, gentle, friendly personality. The growing social demand for higher. Prices doubled or even hundredfold increase. At present, the international market a full green Cuise bracelet, the price has reached more than 1,000 yuan. Even some of Myanmar Cuise lesser jade jewelry, as long as is true A goods, head foot, process clear Cham, color coordination, but also expensive.

Three Burmese jade products on the market and simple identification of Zan Jade from Burma

whether or extraction of mineral resources in terms of volume, good jade very limited number of speculators and profiteering businessmen would "take thin" infiltration. A large number of false, Fan Jia, profit from. Even in the Kingdom of Myanmar jade, fake government also picked up everywhere. False Stone , Fake jewelry everywhere. Currently on the market Burmese jade popular types of business, by true and false classification, mainly in the following categories:

A class of goods, both natural texture and color is natural. Focus on the following three authentication methods.

(1) think twice, as appropriate, to act. As the relationship between the amount of mineral deposits and mining and the large demand for the specific conditions of the people. Currently on the market less well Myanmar jade. In particular, the color green, to sub-translucent varieties are very few.

(2) General as seedling green, spinach green, green jade color or violet flowers floating species as the common.

(3) Light Under the naked eye, fine texture, color soft, Marble obvious; minor impact, voice clear and melodious; hand Dian has a heavy feel, obviously different from the rest of the stone.

B categories of goods, there will be spots called "dirty" jade, with a strong acid immersion, corrosion, remove the "dirty", "cotton" to increase transparency, and then High pressure Will Epoxy resin Or alternative education fill material penetration with a strong acid corrosion caused by micro-cracks, the play filled the role of fracture consolidation.

(1) B is true color early goods, closer look, hair color hair hanging evil, lamp observation, the color less transparent.

(2) B goods in two years, losing its luster and lots of crack, get ugly. This is the acid damage to its original quality caused.

(3) the density decreased weight. Minor impact, the sound of nausea, loss of goods A crisp sound.

C categories of goods, full color manual injection.

(1) at first observation, the color is not working, send the evil.

(2) under the lamp for a closer look, the color is not naturally present in the jadeite crystals inside, but filling the cracks in the minerals, the present distribution network, there is no color root.

(3) color filter with Charles observed, green red or colorless.

(4) scrubbing with a strong spirit faded words, the surface color can be removed or become brown.

D goods, jade jewelry D owner pretending to have the following two categories.

(1) jade class. The other posing as emerald jade. Mainly Thailand and Malaysia jade jade, Nanyang Dushan Jade Qinghai jade, jade and Australia beryl and closely Dongling stone. The difference between jade and jadeite in Myanmar: First, low hardness, and second, the density of small (light weight), less shiny.

(2) Green Glass And green Plastic . Most of these alternatives daze ugly color, luster is very weak. Relative density is very light, low hardness (in Nail Can be engraved action), no cool feeling.

The above method, only the author of a little experience and understanding of, really should be accurately identified by means of Technology And advanced technology. High magnification microscope as large, measured density and thermal conductivity, IR Raman spectroscopy tests.