Hello to all,

My name is Michael Adam Assenberg,

I used to become a Security guard in 1985 and was making my rounds when I'd found some individuals from the TNT Shack. I went along to see what was up and they began to go to the back of the complex.

I chased them down to the conclusion of-the street and they tried to drive over a Train Bridge. Learn further on our favorite related essay by visiting http://expertfeatures.com/news/colorado-allows-doctors-to-prescribe-medical-marijuana-to-ease-opioid-epidemic/0173479/. They stalled half-way and therefore I walked around them with my Mace in the other and my night-stick in a single hand.

A third-person came up from behind and hit me in the middle of my back with a baseball bat when i was talking to them. I'd NO feeling from my waist down for half a year and it took seven years to walk again.

Now after 20 plus years the Medical practioners have tried pain areas, pain mixtures in every combination they can think about. I am also on 500 MG of Morphine a day and 60MG of Endocet a day.

With your HEAVY Drugs I still get into over 10 Pain Convulsions each day that seem like a Grand Mal Seizure. Dig up more on our related web resource - Click here: http://business.thepostandmail.com/thepostandmail/news/read/38655151/Colorado_Allows_Doctors_to_Prescribe_Medical_Marijuana_to_Ease_Opioid_Epidemic. Now in-the State-of Washington the MEDICAL USE of Marijuana is allowed under a Doctors care.

My case fell into that. My Medical practitioner and I discovered that with all the Medical use of Marijuana I didn't go through 10 or even more seizures each day. I had a few a week!

Today the Anacortes Housing Authority didn't like the fact that my Doctor composed their mind to kick us out and placed me to the Medical Use.

I recorded in State Court and the AHA took it from State Court and Placed it in Federal Court to full cover up behind the Angel Raich judgment.

The A-HA got the TEMP Ruling from Federal Court back in State Court to chuck us out when a Appeal was submitted in Federal Court. Judge Myers in Mount Vernon, California said in OPEN Court he DID NOT CARE What the people voted for. To discover additional information, we know you check out: Colorado Allows Doctors to Prescribe Medical Marijuana to Ease Opioid Epidemic. H-e wasn't likely to Honor I-692 and allow us to keep our house under RAP 8.1 before the FINAL Ruling was made BY-PASSING my right to a Jury Trial!

Please view the link to see how poor my spine is you see at C-7 my spine is blocking Spine liquid and crushing into nerves.

Also Please visit the Other link to see my website complete with Lawyer Docs and Last but not least please visit the link in the end to support-the on-going fight with the Us Government and for several of our rights. It is possible to call anytime to me,

You may even hear me on Internet Radio the 12th of June at 7pm MDT at:


When I go on state in the Spokane, WA hemp Fest on the VERY FIRST week of Aug or visit me. OR Visit me in the Olympia, WA Hemp Fest the Last week of precisely THE SAME Month.

Mike Assenberg


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