In parts one and two we overviewed fishing for leads, then went in-to detail on introducing, baiting and setting your land on new leads for your organization.

in englishNaturally, the goal of your lead generation is to sell a product, support, or opportunity. That's your number one priority - to make connections and turn them in-to consumers.

You've gotta land that fish.

Given that you have set the hook with request confirmation and provided the lure you promised in your cause catch page...

How would you get him in without snapping the-line?

Well, you have to obtain your messages read - or most of the previous work is lost.

Think about the matter of every email as a heading. You will probably lose your fish If it's not exciting enough to be opened.

Keep your (head )line tight. Short and sweet, and generally presenting a benefit - a darn good reason to open the e-mail.

If you do not keep the line tight he'll throw the land - and throw your email in the garbage.

Some fish fight tougher than others. Many potential customers are quite defensive. Why whenever they trust you? They do not even know you. To earn their confidence, and to have the very best potential for landing your fish, use good quality point - VALUE.

Give of your-self. Give of your energy. Give some thing of value to earn the respect and trust of your reader - and don't let any slack in your line.

You offered the correct bait.

You set the hook with confirmation.

You keep your (head )line tight so they really do not throw the land (in-the waste).

You employ strong line by providing important information.

...and you keep bringing up the slack.

Your email is used by you to guide your customer to sale - and eventually to the sales site.

You can not force it or the line will be broken - by something (flows but no clicks), the land (cast in the waste) - something will go wrong and you will go hungry.

Guide, supply, support, inform, entice... Browse here at the link to research when to flirt with it.

until you finally seize the net closer and closer he gets. ...and the web revenue.

Above all, handle your lead with respect. There's a person behind that email address.

Would you prefer an address full of adverts? ... or of use information and associated links?

Would you favor an honest review? ... or a hard sales pitch?

If you DO provide a product, service or opportunity... Provide something of importance - maybe not crap for easy money. Your name won't stand up to it.

Treat your lead, your reader, your brand-new friend like a person. Give them a very good reason to do business with YOU.

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Sorry. My bad..

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