soi cau mien phi ngay hom nayLottery Winners Lose it All

You have heard it time and again. Lottery Winners
lose it all and trust fund babies soi cầu xsmb waste their
parent's hard earned cash. In fact, up to 80% of
the lottery winners in this country file
bankruptcy within five years. Most of us say,"
That would never happen to me. You would have to
be really dumb to lose all that money." Yet the
very reason that these individuals let their
money run through their fingers is the very
reason that most of us are still working pay
check to paycheck.

It is a lacking mindset that is responsible for
our financial difficulties. They believe: 1) I
don't deserve this 2) I feel guilty because it
happened to me and not ___________ 3) This can't
be real 4) etc...

Those with money that work their way up from the
bottom or build the wealth they have easily, have
the one thing that most of us lack - a million
dollar mind set. All wealth begins with it and
all wealth is maintained by cultivating this
feeling of prosperity.

Their beliefs are: 1) I am wealthy. 2) If I lost
it all tommorow, I could make it back easily. 3)
I deserve to be wealthy

I would bet that most of us could compile a list
of hundreds of things that we "want." That sense
of wanting means that we feel that we do not have
these things. When we replace this wanting
feeling with the sense of already having wealth,
amazing things start to occur within our brains.
We begin to come up with ways of having wealth
instead of merely wishing and wanting it.

How do we create this million dollar mindset?

1) Think about being wealthy and write down any
thoughts that come up.

Write down the objections that already play in
your mind. Write down the excuses like" It takes
money to make money." And write down all the
things that you wish you could have if only...

2) Release on those thoughts. Let them go and
keep letting them go until the negative emotions
go away with them.

3) Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

4) Fill your mind with the images of what you
want and picture yourself already having them.

5) See yourself as you will be. Feel what you
will feel. Add audio and even the things that you
will smell when you reach that state. ex. the
type of perfume you might wear, the sound of
bankers begging to give you loans, the feel of
silk upon your skin, etc...

6) Keep releasing your negative emotions and
thoughts until you have what you have been
wanting all these years.

7) Act upon the incredible ideas that your
subconscious shares with you fearlessly.