Since probably you are a regular user of kratom products and since ordering kratom online can sometimes be a hassle and a bit too long to arrive with the shipping and all that, why not try Growing Kratom Plants yourself? Growing from seeds and cuttings is an extremely risky process that can end up in a lot of wasted time and resources. You also should ensure that the plants have a good drainage system to that it could prevent the growth of fungus. It is essential to recreate the environment that the tree thrives in to yield the best Kratom tree leaves for the garden successfully.

But we have experienced firsthand how proper soil ph is also essential to growing kratom plants. Some wholesale kratom trees will be more sensitive than others so a bit of experimentation will be needed. We will explain how to grow kratom, and help you understand the plant and its many benefits.

Thanks for reaching out to us. 5-gallon bags should be able to support trees that reach about 5 feet in height whereas 15-gallon pots would be suitable for plants that are at least 4 feet tall. Even though people only use the flat part of Kratom leaves to make the herbal drug, the stem and veins of it are also much useful.

As a general outline, situate your kratom plant in a large pot with some Miracle Grow potting soil or a similarly textured mix with a ph between 5.5 and 6.5. Place the plant(s) in some type of contained growing environment such as an aquarium or a growing closet that will help maintain humidity and temperature levels.

This article will show you tips in growing kratom by yourself. Do not keep the soil wet all the time because insects and fungi can take over the plant. It's best to harvest kratom leaves when your tree is close to full maturity. Kratom plants are best grown in hot, extremely humid environments.

As we have already established that Kratom plant needs good water quantity for growth, this increased moisture can render the plants to be a victim to fungus and molds. In fact, kratom plants have been famously and successfully cloned over the years, and are even known by name.