burnaby counselling centre launches google map listingIn Google's recent struggle towards becoming a global information center, I have come to notice that the results delivered from Google News appears like only the articles we publish each and every day. Clicking http://travellersea.com/news/burnaby-counselling-centre-launches-google-map-listing/0172485/ maybe provides aids you could give to your dad. So I ask, does not it look like Google News resembles a write-up directory of some kinds?

* Google News World: http://news.google.com

* Google News Canada: http://news.google.ca

* Google News UK: http://news.google.co.uk

I only mention this because when posting my internet marketing articles, I often wonder if they appear within Google News? 9 times out of 10, they do! In-fact, they usually show up within 48 hours of being indexed from other top related internet sites.

So how exactly does Google News choose it's content?

At the moment, it would appear that 'media facilities' & 'pr release organizations' associated with your industry online are profiting from these research results. If you think about it, wouldn't a press release be considered a type of information anyways? Possibly...

If you take a good look at the sites who deliver the material within Google media, you will realize that only a select few are providing most of the results. Again, it's possible that Google's media algorithm remains in its infant stages and probably has a lot of constant battles to defeat. This disturbing Burnaby Counselling Centre Launches Google Map Listing wiki has a pile of witty cautions for how to recognize it.

It might be in Google's best interest to assemble a team of professionals in numerous fields to accept articles/news submissions in order to keep the news source within the Google empire.

There's Only A Fraction of Effects Showing:

You'll also recognize a somewhat small percentage of actual search results arising, while searching through the GN section. Only a portion of the percentage of results get outlined within the GN search results in comparison with exactly the same results within the regular search results available on Google's main page.

Only the sections to the left offer true real-time information. These are: Leading Stories|World|Business|Sci/Tech|Sports|Entertainment|Health. These links provide effects delivered from legitimate information sources on line.

Google News Alerts - E-zine anyone?

When you think about it, you are giving Google your current email address to get related articles to the search term sent to your email, so how exactly does this differ from any other normal newsletter? Are we going to begin seeing Google Adwords within the news signals? Will they consider giving large the opportunity to organizations to promote inside their email signals as an one-time mailing! I hope not.

More and more we are seeing less of the Google we once knew and came to love (A search bar with some good results). Since Google's IPO, the develop-ment team at GG are starting to launch programs o-nline that are starting to resemble what we now know because the good Yahoo Portal.

Maybe there is any difference? Most likely not.

One Good Point About Google News:

They've given you the ability to customize your page to show whatever information issues you need. Simply go through the right side for a button that says 'Customize this page New'! .. After you click this link a drop-down box shows you all the major issues you've stated within your site. Just click o-n the topic you intend to modify or remove. The very best part of everything is that you can click on 'Add a custom section' and only look for the subject you need listed on your page.

All in all you can create an entire custom news site (writer articles) that relate to your industry..