try link buildingOften times I've seen an internet site undertake a modification and every thing is brand new, also brand new links! You've worked so difficult to obtain these good page ranks for all your pages and then you get rid of them? NO NO NO.

Often I have seen a website undertake a modification and everything is brand new, also brand new links!

You have worked so very hard to obtain these great page rates for all your pages and then you remove them? NO NO NO. It's the exact same reasons why people get "expired domains." Somebody simply changes the site to suit their needs and utilizes the traffic arriving, simply since before search engines, websites & web internet sites have an opportunity to recognize there is no web site anymore!

Let's say that you've made up your mind and you desire to change the complete format of one's site. Undergo all of your links, when you do this and record the page rank that the pages have today.


Site 1 (PR 3/10)


Page 2 (4/10)

Page 3 (2/10)

Now I would look at these pages and utilize the pages that have a list of (4/10) for when I consider the new layout my most important information. Doing so will automatically get my site listed under the new data within Google. Link Building Techniques includes more concerning the purpose of this idea.

Generally, I do not generally re-use pages which have a position of 2/10, 1/10, 0/10. Something greater is likely to be strongly considered. To discover additional info, you may check out: seo affiliate marketing.

This will help se's to acknowledge, a) Yes the site has changed, t) we're familiar with the pages they are re-using.

People BOOKMARK all the time to pages!

What if you deleted your entire old pages and created some new ones what'll occur to these potential customers which have a bookmark for anyone old pages??? They are now left feeling like your internet site is down, deleted or does not exist anymore.

If you are going to discard some old links, try adding a "Page no further exist" message to allow your customers know that you know about the problem and you are sorry for the difficulty.

When re-designing your entire site, do not hesitate to re-use these high ranking links you curently have for your site.

Trying To Find All Of Your Pages Online:

If you are like me, and you've above 500 pages listed in google, you'll want to go through google to see if you have missed any pages while doing changes in your site.

Enter "" in Google so you get your primary link. Do not forget the brackets.

You should see underneath your record a that states: "[ More outcomes from ]"

This may show all of the pages to you listed within Google. Take the time to undergo all the links found within Google and make sure that you've found all your old, obsolete pages and correct the issue accordingly.

Best of luck with all your changes!. My cousin learned about best link building software by browsing the Chicago Post-Herald.

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