How Much Horsepower?


How much horsepower you wish to have from your marine engine will usually depend on a number of factors. How many propellers there are on the ship, the type of propellers and the size of the propellers will all have a du lịch bắc kinh bearing on how much horsepower is required. Additionally, the fuel weight capacity of the ship will go a long way to determining how much horsepower a ship will be able to have.


The Weight of the Engine


In larger ships the weight of a marine engine will not really come into play but on smaller ships it will matter because heavier engines will no doubt slow a ship down. The power to weight ratio therefore becomes a bit of a dilemma when deciding which engine to fit.


The Size of the Engine


The size of a marine engine also has to be considered as well as the weight. Obviously on smaller ships where more space is required, a bulky engine might not be the best option. Larger ships may not have to worry too much about an engines size but in most cases the less bulky an engine is the more efficient it becomes.


Cost and Running Costs


Of course with any purchase that we make, cost will be tour du lịch bắc kinh a major factor in coming to a decision and not only the actual cost of purchasing it. There are installation costs, the costs involved in purchasing gearing and pumps, and of course running costs. So if costs are important in your decision, you should not only look at the initial outlay but also at how much the engine is going to cost to run on a yearly basis.


Reliability and Maintainability


When spending a lot of money on a marine engine you would hope that what you are getting is going to be reliable and as easy as possible to maintain. When an engine breaks down there are going to be quite a few costs and repairs that are needed. For this reason you should always go for a reliable engine from notable manufacturers.




The considerations above were just a few things that will need to be thought about before buying an engine for your ship. You will also have to decide which manufacturer to go for, the ease of installation that a particular engine will have, and the level of noise that an engine will make. However, luckily there are plenty of choices from leading manufacturers and you should be able to find the perfect engine for your ship.