Located right at the bottom of Wulaofeng with a splendid ocean view is none other than the Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen. It is one of the biggest attractions in the Fujian Province and is successful in providing all its visitors a rejuvenating experience. Built majestically during the Tang Dynasty it was once called the Puzhao Temple and later renamed as Nanputuo Temple. It consists of four buildings on the North South alliance and has now become quite popular.

Nanputuo Temple consists of Devaraja Hall, Mahavira Hall, Dabei Hall and a Pavilion. Devaraja Hall is also called the Hall of Heavenly Kings and inside it contains the idols of four aggressive Heavenly kings. Right in the centre of the hall is the pleasing statue of the Laughing Buddha. Walk through Mahavira Hall and find the statues of Trinity of the Three Ages Sakyamuni, Kasyapa, Maitreya and Avalokitesvara as well as their disciples. On the wall you will find Buddhist stories and idols from India. Dabei Hall is a tower shaped in an octagon and you will find four status of Avalokitesvara. There are also two banyans which have been planted on either side of the hall which are very pleasing and gives a sense of natural serenity.

The Sutra keeping pavilion is currently home to plenty of Buddhist scriptures and pictures straight from burma adventure tours. In addition you can also find ivory sculptures, wood sculptures an incense burner and bronze bells. You can also find other works of art relating to the Buddhist religion. The porcelain Avalokitesvara is very valuable and definitely a must see. Inside the buildings you will also find dormitories, study rooms for the monks and libraries. The temple serves only vegetarian dishes which you can indulge in.

You can learn all about the ways of the monks too and their teachings in addition to finding peace and serenity at Nanputuo Temple. Come experience this wonderful historical architecture from your Xiamen hotel. If you are looking for a hotel in Xiamenthere are plenty available but one that stands out from the rest is Millennium Harborview Hotel.