Chrome Search Today is an advertising program used by fraudsters to make money by tricking ordinary users through abuse of pay-per-click advertising system. Let's see, what is the essence of such programs, and how do they allow scammers to receive thousands of dollars a day? So, almost all advertising on the Internet is paid for by the pay-per-click system. This system counts the number of clicks made on the advertising link, and this directly determines the amount of money that the advertiser will pay. Some users think that advertising programs are really trying to advertise something, although in fact they are not. Advertising programs only show you advertising and try to force you to click on it so that your click or view is added to hundreds and thousands of others.

Thanks chuyen visa han quoc gia re to advertising programs, advertisements promoted by scammers become extremely popular (as long as the advertising program is not neutralized), and bring huge amounts of money. If your computer is still free from such programs, we'll tell you how to prevent infection, and if Chrome Search Today has already penetrated the computer - we'll explain how to get rid of it.

First, let's determine what is the main factor, affecting safety. Many people know that recently malicious programs have ceased to develop, and rely no longer on their complexity and sophistication of the structure, but on the credulity of users. Statistics say that the vast majority of malicious programs that live on users' computers have been installed by the users themselves. In this regard, it is believed that to significantly reduce the risk of infection, you should limit the number of visited unreliable sites. These sites are easy to distinguish, and if you configure your browser and antivirus in the right way, they will warn you that you are visiting an untrusted site. Also, you should reduce the number of downloaded programs, and in particular - free or pirated programs. Distributors of such programs do not bear any responsibility to users, and can add unauthorized software to the program files.

You can remove any program from your computer automatically, or manually. Both these methods have their pluses and minuses, but in this case it will be better to use the automatic method, since advertising programs most often penetrate into the system in groups of 3-5 programs. In order to get rid of Chrome Search Today, you will need to follow our instructions, which are staged step-by-step in our article.