The fact of cheap van insurance being more easily obtainable took a blow when new study unmasked that 17% of small van running businesses had devote claims for vehicle theft, with over half these claims being made within the latest a couple of years.

The investigation further revealed that 42% of insurance customers reported the theft of the covered van, with a similar percentage reporting that the contents of these van had been stolen. To learn additional information, we recommend you have a gaze at: 12 passenger van rental prices.

If proven a possible cost is indicated by the figures to the economy of 1 million.

The situation of transit and van van robbery also generally seems to vary from region to region, which accounts for the different prices in van insurance fees determined by the area in which it is ordered.

The report stated that 31% of industrial organizations in the West Midlands region had place in insurance claims, whereas in the London area the figure was down to only 25 percent.

The study also indicated that the building sector was the hardest hit, with 27% of the insured truck plan holders making claims.

The survey also indicates that 16% of little commercial business vehicle owners remaining tools and equipment in vans over night, and 21% apparently didn't ensure the contents of their vans at all. Identify additional information on this affiliated essay by clicking partner site.

With research showing continued growth in the van market market 322,000 automobiles are now efficiently operating on Britains paths strategies for better care and safety are being advised.

Perhaps one possible solution may possibly be a consequence of developments in new technology. If you have an opinion about reading, you will maybe fancy to study about small van hire. Lately the Ford Motor Company in the united states, teaming up with the commercial power maker DeWalt, showed off its high security Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) at the 2008 Chicago Auto Show.

So that they may be monitored constantly, the technology, which is operated by way of a little chip and an aerial set in to the cars, has the capacity to track any development methods and materials taken in the vehicle.

Ford has also been applying RFID in its production plans and is taking care of patenting the technology.

Even though primarily designed being an stock device to help keep tabs on materials and tools, the system obviously has a work with a deterrent against van and van contents theft. Van Truck Rental contains new info about the inner workings of it.

The organization plan to expose RFID during the 2009 model years as recommended for F-series pick ups and E-series vans, and also for the new type of Transit Connect small cargo delivery vans.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that if theft remains with this scale, there's a real possibility that costs might increase significantly.

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