UNIVERSAL LOVE is used in three different ways. Brahman (ब्रह्मन्).—(1) n. of two former Buddhas: Av i.69.5 ff. : Śikṣ 169.10; (2) n. of a nāga king: Māy 246.14. Most people focus their consciousness, their attention excessively upon externals, upon a world of illusions, to the detriment of their spiritual unfoldment.

The reality of both the subject and the object is denied and the only real existence is that of Brahman. Out of this monadic spark the Divine Ego, or Atma, was formed and individualized as Self-consciousness. Hence quantum physics would not say that the Absolute of Advaita Vedanta is false, at best it would say that this absolute has not been reached as yet.

Breeders who were particularly prominent by importing many animals between 1954 and 1971 were, among others, JFW Herbst and son, JB Orpen of the Bar Circle Stud, Sisal Brahmans of Mr Eric Bilse, Ban Cattle Co. of Mr Louis Bosman, D Terblanche, RELH Hunt, the Code Brahman Stud of Mr AJ Coetzer and Mr BJ Maritz.

It is only when we reach the level of Brahman or Oneness that we will find a definite reality. Brahman is conceived as Atman, personal, impersonal or Para Brahman, or in various combinations of these qualities depending on the philosophical school. Established in Tokyo in 1995 and has been performing live both in Japan and abroad, BRAHMAN captures their audience with a unique style of music.

Both the body & the mind need to be channeled towards experiencing Self-knowledge. Philosopher mystics of the Upanishads identify Brahman, the world soul, with Atman, the inner essence of the human being also known as "MICROSOULSPARK of BRAHMAN; ATMAN is what we call as individual's or the human soul.