As you know by now, pranayama (yogic breathing) is one of the most effective ways to create a link to the mind and body. SRF is a worldwide non-sectarian organization that fosters the spirit of understanding among all people as we realize through meditation and self study, our essential spiritual nature and unity with God. Is a path of 'Unity Consciousness - and Realization of the 'Non-Duel' perspective.

Here the world's most distinguished teacher of the science of self-realization talks about meditating and practicing yoga in the modern age, gaining liberation from the law of karma, achieving superconsciousness, and much more. The Boston Center of Self-Realization Fellowship offers a quiet sanctuary for group meditation and spiritual study.

These interviews, lectures, and essays cover topics such as the goal of human life, seeking a true spiritual teacher, reincarnation, super-consciousness, Krishna and Christ, and spiritual solutions to today's social and economic problems. Meditation is a systematic discipline that attempts to help people move toward the goal of self-realization.

The master explained very clearly that the principle of yoga meditation can be achieved through a steadfast process of purification to liberate ourselves from all human characteristics created by the subconscious mind and that we must learn to attune our consciousness with a higher mind or intuitive all knowing super consciousness of the soul.

Paramahansa Yogananda often referred to the Kriya Yoga path , with its scientific techniques of meditation, as the highway to the Infinite." The path of Kriya Yoga was found by Paramahansaji to be the most effective method of attaining the highest goal of religion, and indeed life itself: union with Bliss.