Automotive floor jacks are relatively small devices used to manually lift an end or corner of a car off of the ground. A floor jack for those who are looking for a floor jack that can lift both lowered and lifted vehicles for a reasonable price for a garage usage. A scissor jack is very commonly used to lift one side of a car so that a tire can be changed. Pittsburgh has a low profile which makes it easier to put it on lowered vehicles as well.

And unless the jack is absolutely, perfectly centered AND the weight of the car is perfectly centered (which you can't always count on), the jack's linkage bars can begin to distort under the maximum weight, causing the jack to flip and the car to come crashing down.

Its well polished and heavy-duty steel material construction helps in keeping this floor jack durable and having a saddle that swivels makes it quite easy for this jack to be positioned properly so lifting can be carried out with ease. If you need to lift larger vehicles such as pick-ups, 8-seater minibuses or SUV's, it is advisable to choose a hydraulic jack with a 5-ton lifting capacity.

A drawback with this floor lift is the overall weight of nearly 100 lbs. So, according to our rule, a one-and-a-half-ton (3,000-pound) jack could lift a car that weighs as much as 4,000 pounds - or two mothers-in-law. The jack features high lift capacity. Being low profile makes it easier to slide underneath low ground clearance cars.

The only disadvantage is that using a steel jack requires more physical strength, and the jack itself is very heavy. With the many great floor jacks on the market, you should have no problem finding the right floor jack for your needs. The other one is the floor jack, that provides a much lower profile jacking point and spreads the load out across a longer and wider axis, typically on wheels, making it a favourite for garage use.

One of the most important features of using a floor jack is safety. The most common option is the standard floor jack, designed for easy lifting of most vehicle types. The floor jack features a strong steel construction that makes this tool both durable and efficient.

It has been well documented that hydraulic floor jacks for suv jacks can and will fail over time due to wear on the hydraulic components. Automotive floor jacks should be used always on solid and smooth surfaces, preferably again, concrete. By lifting your vehicle up high above the ground, jacks give you the opportunity to be able to do necessary repairs and maintenance of the car.