We found you the best floor jacks for every job. This valve puts a stop to lifting immediately this jack reaches its limit helping to prevent early damage. Stands complement car jacks because they can prevent the car from collapsing. High-lift jacks are not very common since they are only used for off-road or farming vehicles.

But after we noticed a lack of support in our own car jacks, we realized their importance. Most hydraulic car jacks reach maximum height in about 10 lifting pump drives. This option from Pittsburgh Automotive is made out of lightweight but durable aluminum, and its compact size and light weight make it easy to store.

Jacks are designed to lift massive weights of vehicles to provide access below for maintenance, repairs or modifications, usually coming with a maximum rate weighting ranging from one to several tons. Now that we've reviewed Arcan's low profile floor jack above, we're now going to cover their regular aluminum floor jacks for suv jack.

It will lift an object up to around 19 inches (not the 22 inches the manual claims) and does not flex at all while doing so. Even the wheels on this model floor jack are solidly built. The bottle design also makes these jacks easy to store. We recommend buying a jack stand which has a height range maximum of about 22 inches, give or take a few.

The minimum height is less than 3.5 inches so it will fit under most small vehicles. Some people may need a large 5-ton jack in their garage to lift up their truck, and other people may be fine with just selecting a 2-ton jack for lifting up their passenger vehicle.

Staying in a stable position is also another way of making sure working with this floor jack is safe and the combination of a powerful lifting capacity combined with a stable base is what attracts customers to this nicely designed floor jack. Lifting capacity must be at least 20% higher than the weight of the vehicle to ensure safe operation.