'I change the world thinking' is critical to transform and recreate the world as a place that works for every human being. As more individuals accept, master and consistently use their ability to transform their own lives, the natural ripple effect will be an increased collective will to transform the world itself.

Part 1 of this article looked at how world public opinion is changing, even if slowly, the Chinese government's behaviour in regard to taking care of its own people. Let's now look at the polar opposite reality that plays out much less dramatically on world televisions and radios due to lack of press freedom in myanmar adventure tours.

In the face of growing thousands of both deaths and missing citizens in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis, the Myanmar government's response is decidedly less enthusiastic. The Myanmar junta remains closed off and indifferent to world opinion thus far. Despite growing world denunciation of its refusal to allow foreign expertise to assist with the efficient distribution of critical life sustaining water, food and temporary shelter items, the heart of the government remains closed as if set in granite.

The power of individuals to help influence and dissolve this hardheartedness was facilitated yesterday by the popular internet.community BlogCatalog. This internet website assists bloggers worldwide to network and support each other.

At it's 'unite' page, random days are chosen and set aside so that bloggers can write about a specific topic of worldwide concern. This helps to cast a spotlight on issues that affect the world by setting aside one specific day for bloggers to draw attention to and share insights on one critical world issue via their individual blog posts.

One of the internet's largest blog communities, it recently called on bloggers around the world to blog about the Myanmar cyclone disaster and that was acted upon with alacrity by bloggers internationally.

You can be an active part of this process of developing self awareness within the hearts and minds of your larger world community. In addition to donating funds to help aid organisations to get relief to those that need it, when world opinion finally forces the 12-general ruling junta to allow proper distribution, you can help others to get involved and take a stand.

If you feel drawn to share your opinion and personal insights on interesting and current world issues, let loose on your own blog or your preferred communication medium and get involved. Lets invest not only money but our own personal, powerful energy to actively transform our global community so as to create a world that works for all.