The most well-known tour offered by Hike Bike Kayak of

San Diego is the kayak tour of the nicely known La

Jolla Sea Caves. On this tour, you can witness the

abudant wildlife and remarkable views of the La Jolla

Cove with your guide who will be an amateur naturalist.

Not only will you kayak up the caves at La Jolla

Shores, but you are going to also witness dolphins swimming,

along with sea lions playing. From your kayak, you

can see Mount Soledad to the east, the bluffs of

Torrey Pines State Reserve to the north, and La

Jolla Cove to the south.

You can take the La Jolla Sea Caves tour each and every day

at 9:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 2:30 PM. Starting in

June, the tours are every single half hour. To make a

reservation, all you want to do is call.

What to count on

On a typical day, you really should be ready to get

wet. The tour launches into the waves from the end

of their street. You meet at their shop, exactly where you'll

check in, sign waivers, and so on. You will also recieve

a lifejacket and paddle.

You will want to bring the following with you:

- Sunglasses with retainers

- Sunscreen

- A modify of clothes

- Bathing suit

- Towel

- Sandals

The tour is quite well-liked with tourists and locals

alike. Hike Bike Kayak can accomodate age ranges

from 6 - 65. They also have bike trailers and trail

a bikes for youngsters that are 1 and older. This

way, any person can take in the beauty and mystique

this tour gives.

Cost and availability

The price of the La Jolla Sea Caves tour is $50 per

individual for singles, and $45 per individual for tandem

kayaks or couples. If you can go with a person else,

that would be less difficult choice.

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