As an advanced version of the old video conferencing facility first presented in the mid 60s which was infrequently used until the late 80s this communications facility comes. It was because of inherent glitches in the act of converting analog data to...

Web conferencing or web conferencing is an online-based system of relationship that uses modern audio-video facilities and digital compression technology to facilitate remote and real-time, face to face conferencing.

As an advanced version of the previous video conferencing facility first presented in the mid-60s that has been sparingly used until the late 80s this communications facility comes. This was as a result of inherent mistakes along the way of converting analog data to digital format. Compression technology offered at that time was deemed ineffective to result in poor picture and audio quality throughout the discussion.

Furthermore, the structure working video conferencing systems which range from proprietary equipment such as the ATM, T1 and IDSN lines were extremely expensive. Furthermore, network requirements and important application only increased cost variables related for the process.

The late 90s saw the introduction of a viable web conferencing system with the option of Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol Address) programs and more trustworthy video compression technology. The employment of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VOIP) or Internet Telephony to route interactions for the web also extended the cost-effective characteristics of web conferencing. Aside from VOIP being cheaper, it is location-independent and could for that reason be used from any world wide place where access to the internet is available. My brother learned about by searching Bing. More over, VOIP might be integral with other web ser-vices such as information or file transfer and audio-video conferencing.

To-day, net meeting has turned into a popular venue for the conduct of conferences, rural meetings and presentations between individuals located in different world wide locations. This technology also offers a host of benefits to firms in terms of cost and time savings given a viable alternative to personal, face to face meetings.

Today, more than ever, online-based technologies such as web-conferencing are reshaping the fundamentals of global communications and business.

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