Simply 1 of this series of articles, I identified procedure and substance addictions, and described the four main false beliefs that underlie most addictions:

1. I cant handle my pain.

2. Rising Hope Recovery Detox Releases A Study That Shows Impact Of Social Interactions On Addictive Behavior includes extra information concerning the reason for this thing. I'm unworthy and unlovable.

3. Others are my way to obtain love.

4. I will have get a handle on over how others feel about me and treat me.

Part 2 was about the first of these beliefs learning how to deal with pain. Part 3 addressed the third and second values I'm unworthy and unlovable and Others are my way to obtain love. That part, Part 4, considers the belief, I could have control over how the others feel about me and treat me.

Basically had to decide on one false belief that causes the most suffering for most people, it'd be the belief that we could control how important people in our lives experience, think and act.

In my work with individuals and couples dealing with addictive behavior, I experience this idea and the many effects of it over and over. It seems very difficult for most people to recognize the facts about their lack of get a grip on over others. The pain, disappointment, isolation and aloneness that derive from not taking your lack of control will be the main cause of your addictions.

Take the time today to reveal about what you imagine and do that is a direct result of this notion.

Do you judge/shame yourself to try and get yourself to do something right so that others should you? If you do, you are working in the false idea that you can get a handle on how the others experience you by how you work. You are also working from the false notion that self-judgment will work to regulate your own behavior. Shaming and judging yourself can lead to addictive behavior in order to avoid the resulting pain.

Do you act loving to others with the expectation that others may act loving to you? If you do, you're running from your false notion your behavior handles others behavior. For extra information, consider taking a gaze at: It's wonderful when you are loving because you feel good to be loving to others, but then your loving is tricky you're giving to get, when you have an insurance policy linked of being loved back. The harm you feel when others dont love you back can lead to addictive behavior.

Would you get angry, judgmental and critical of others? If you do, then you are working from your false belief that judgment and anger may have get a grip on over how others feel about you and treat you. You can simply intimidate others into complying with your requirements as long as they're willing to do this, but you can't control how they feel about you. And they will comply only so long as they do. Sooner or later they could leave, so eventually you have no get a handle on over them. Your resulting anxiety may lead to addictive behavior.

Do you give your-self up, going along in what another needs of you, such as having intercourse when you dont want to, or hanging out in ways that you dont want to? If you do, then you are running in the false idea that giving yourself up could have control over how still another feels about you and treats you. A loss in a sense of self can lead to addictive behavior.

Can you withdraw from another or fight anothers demands? If you do, you're running from your false idea that you can change/control anothers conduct toward you by punishing them through withholding love. The deadness of withdrawal can result in addictive behavior.

In essential relationships, most of the people do some or every one of the above behaviors, caused by the false belief that one may control how others experience, think and act.

What would you do differently, if you really accepted the facts of your insufficient get a grip on over the others? Totally, fully accepted the reality of the lack of control over others thoughts and behavior, if you deeply, you'd be left in what you CAN control your self.

I have seen over and over that individuals ultimately take loving care of themselves only when they fully recognize the facts of these lack of control over others. It's truly wonderful the rapid progress the folks I use make if they finally accept this truth.

Shifting using this one false belief and in to the fact will go a long way toward healing your addictions..

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