Polished concrete floors are an outstanding method of flooring that are increasingly becoming a way of life for many home and business owners. Concrete polishing in Dallas does not require the use of toxic or hazardous chemicals for an eco-friendly solution to new flooring. If these are not filled before the hardening process then the final polished concrete floor will show these unsightly imperfections.

Concrete polishing is a mechanical grind and polish strategy that uses a range of products including industrial diamonds and some hardening items as well as sealers to level, polish and eventually cover the floor from inside the surface of the concrete.

If polished, lightweight concrete would require the same finishing approach as the regular concrete, i.e. grinding, densifying, and lithium coatings. The polished concrete floor has increased resistance to heavy machinery, and the daily transfer of goods, thereby extending its useful life and improving efficiency.

When compared to other forms of flooring, it can be concluded that polished concrete flooring gains more points when it comes to low cost flooring because one does not need to have other raw materials for them to be able to get complete concrete polishing.

Almost any concrete floor new or old can be polished if they are sound. You should then polish the floor with resin-bonded diamond abrasive using 100 grit and then continue the process using 400 resin-bonded grit. Call now for a free quote for polished concrete flooring.

Cleaners that are too alkaline or acidic can dull the surface and damage the concrete over time. Additional problems in the industry include contractors who base their pricing on what other concrete processors are charging instead of basing their pricing on expenses plus profit.