In the world of construction, there are quite a number of raw materials that have to be considered before one can confidently say that they have everything they need for the entire construction process to be considered complete. The level of sheen is a multistep process and you can choose the level of sheen although to be honest, the final result is determined upon the quality of your concrete and the amount of time (money) you would like to spend to achieve a finer and finer result.

With regular, unpolished concrete, you will see over time that tiny particles of dust begin to get pushed to the surface as a result of an upward force known as hydrostatic pressure. BECOSAN® Densifier is a hardener and dust sealer for concrete surfaces, which creates a scratch-resistant surface that is free of dust and stains.

Altogether, your polished concrete floor requires very little cleaning because it is resistant to everything life will throw at it; however, nothing can be kept without a little maintenance. If the surface is to be polished without necessarily exposing the aggregate then only the finer resin pads need to be used on a concrete grinder that allows for movement of the pads so they can follow the contours of the surface.

Over time, your concrete floor will still crack as all concrete does. Polished concrete floors are specified with different amounts of exposed aggregate. Each case is very individualized, that being said, it is always advised to have your concrete inspected to ensure that polishing can take place.

If dust or dirt accumulate for too long on your concretes surface, the shine of your floors begins to dull, and your concrete becomes less pleasant. But "wet" appearance here does not imply that polished concrete floors are slippery. Resistance: many commercial spaces enjoy this perk because it means foot-traffic will not damage the concretes floor strength or shine.

Unlike other flooring systems, polished concrete floors do not need constant treatments and repairs; however, nothing can last without a little care. Use the nozzle of the sprayer to coat the entire concrete surface, then let it dry before continuing. Preparation: Medium to High - Dependent upon the state of the existing concrete flooring.

Because polishing is a multi-step process, customers can choose the level of polished concrete sheen, from satin to high-gloss, to meet their maintenance and aesthetic requirements. The second method involves also grinding the floor 2-3 times to clean it, smooth it, remove blemishes & achieve the desired level of aggregate exposure Cracks or pits are filled with epoxy before grinding.