Melbourne's experts in pouring and polishing concrete. Modern technology has made sure that polished concrete floors are as shiny and elegant as any of its competitors in the market. In fact, concrete floors can vary radically in hardness. Concrete polishing requires a specialised concrete grinding tool (source) Some look similar to an industrial floor polisher in that it has a base with rotating disc underneath and two handles used for control.

When cleaning only with the use of water, much of the dirt may remain on the floor. I would highly recommend Scientific Concrete Polishing for floor treatment in any application, as they support you, and their technical know-how is unsurpassed in the industry.

Polished concrete industrial floors are the answer to damage caused to industrial floors by the heavy traffic of machinery and people, as well as other negative environmental influences that create scratches, stains and holes. There are many variables a contractor must deal with on a polished concrete project.

Also, concrete floors are not susceptible to damages like staining, cracking, or water so they last much longer than any other flooring system. The only real difference between grinded floors and regular polished concrete floors is that the grinded floor will be smoother, shinier, slip resistant and require a lot less maintenance.

Daily cleaning is easier and faster, maintaining a clean and dustproof surface. If you like versatility and durability in your floors than polished concrete floors are the ones for you. For starters, it is important to know for sure what polished concrete flooring exactly is because after all, it is useless to want something, no matter how good it is, if one does not know what it is.

Give us a call to learn more about our concrete polishing services today. When you contractor comes to inspect your floors, they are looking for damaged sections that must be fixed prior to polishing your concrete. Its high reflectivity projects a bright, clean image, factored in with the proven performances of concrete, creating a final product that is becoming the floor of choice.

Just as the stone industry needed to develop programs for proper care of their floors so has the polished concrete industry. For Concrete Polishing Tradesman: CPC will grant certification only to those candidates who obtain a passing grade on the online examination.