Polished concrete floors, long consigned to finished basements and commercial spaces, are making well-deserved inroads into residential homes. Custom Coatings Inc., is a leading concrete polishing and concrete coatings contractor with broad experience that also includes industrial concrete floor coatings and residential applications. Sometimes before polishing a concrete floor, we're required to repair holes, spalling, level uneven concrete and more.

Don't go into a concrete polishing project without the necessary tools to get the job done properly. Even though these floors do not require intense or back-breaking maintenance, it does require some care. We still recommend installing a skirting board to compliment your polished concrete floor.

They grind down the dissimilarities on the concrete surface and bring the anticipated shine to the floor. Therefore, it is all the more crucial for your floors to either have polished concrete or an epoxy coating over them. Before you consider taking your polished concrete floors to the next level including designs and graphics, refine and perfect the basics discussed in this article.

From a single piece of concrete, a range of finishes are available depending on if you polish, and how deep you polish. Perfect Polish is the industry leader specializing in polished concrete floors. In terms of sustainability, polished concrete can be seen as a green" material as it makes use of the existing floor slab without the use of any extra material.

When properly installed and sealed a decorative concrete floor should last a lifetime and will never need replacement. Commercial areas truly adore concrete polished floors because they do not wear in high foot-traffic areas, they do not become dull when they are highly used.

Concrete polishing is identical to sanding wood and the job is done with high-quality tools. Polishing your concrete is actually the last step, the amount of grit depends on the sheen you desire for your floors. Color-quartz and multiflake epoxy floors became very popular for commercial kitchens, biotech firms, and hospital operating rooms.

At Concrete Staining Pro Chattanooga , we are experienced and qualified to provide clients with professional concrete polishing that will deliver the results clients are looking for. Polished concrete floors usually have the surface hardened with a chemical before the second, third or fourth grinding pass.