The process of polishing concrete floors was developed and marketed first in the mid 1990's and the process has come a long way since then. Marble floors can require special cleaners and are prone to scuffs, which require special attention. Concrete floors are also more sustainable in long-term service. Starting first with the 100-grit pad, go over the entire floor two times. While some repairs and patching are normal and don't impact the integrity of the floor, concrete requiring extensive repairs or very porous concrete should not be polished.

The polished concrete is fast becoming a common thing in many places around the world and this is partly because many people are appreciative of its beauty and also because many places just can not stand having any other kind of floor. By polishing your concrete floors, you can enjoy an attractive and long-lasting floor system that's easier to clean and maintain.

Just as the stone industry needed to develop programs for proper care of their floors so has the polished concrete industry. For Concrete Polishing Tradesman: CPC will grant certification only to those candidates who obtain a passing grade on the online examination.

Our approach to polished concrete is to develop systems that can be measured, quantified and reproduced with simple systems and simple science so the contractors we support can confidently go out and educate their clients and their crews to develop repeatable systems and produce consistent results.

It is suggested that you read and know the concrete polishing process before renting or even buying concrete polishing equipment. Polishing your floor with concrete is one of the most economical and innovative strategies, and the increasing popularity has made it a staple in every home as well as commercial constructions.

When compared to other forms of flooring, it can be concluded that polished concrete flooring gains more points when it comes to low cost flooring because one does not need to have other raw materials for them to be able to get complete concrete polishing.

Concrete coatings on floors can by polished to a very low shine just to keep them easy to clean or they can be polished to a mirror like surface that will reflect light and truly creates a beautiful sight. However, you can consider purchasing one if you have a large area of or several concrete surfaces that need polishing.