Concrete polishing is a new trend that has been discovered and widely used among home and business owners all across the country. Industrial concrete polishing makes your floors beautiful and strong without having to apply a permanent coating. The untreated concrete surface becomes rough and brittle and will cause a fine dust to appear that spreads everywhere. Concrete is already very hard wearing and the polishing process further strengthens and seals the floor.

Custom Concrete Prep and Polish was hired to stain and polish a 40,000 sq ft commercial area to a 400 grit resin. Never use cleaners with high acidity because it will eat away at your floors polish. Concrete polished floors are easy to clean and even easier to keep clean because they do not allow any liquids or debris to penetrate your concretes surface.

Warehouse polished concrete floors have different lifespans than residential concrete polished floors, so that is why this question can be a difficult one to answer. Coarse grinding and honing can be carried out at this time while polishing is left until a later date, when the moisture level in the concrete is lower.

Flooring can also make the biggest impact on your finished look and overall feel of your space. As this blog shows, there is more to concrete surface prep than merely making the floor shiny, we need to access the needs of the client and give them the floor that will best suit their needs.

Using the unique properties of Colloidal Silica breakthrough technology new concrete polishing alternatives have been perfected. Water, chemicals, and foot-traffic cannot wear down a polished concrete floor the way they can other floors. The inspection process is very important and should not be overlooked because if there are imperfections that hinder polishing your floors there could be an expensive repair as a result.