Last year during Xmas season I began to enter a shop that I had looked at regularly for a long time. Because I felt that some thing was wrong I stopped at the shop entrance. Then I realized that there was no bell ringing and no Salvation Army offer with his or her red kettle. I went into the store and asked the manager if he understood why the Salvation Army offer was not outside. H-e stated that the firm had gotten complaints from people who were unhappy that a religious organization was soliciting donations facing their stores. H-e reported that the firm had decided that they would not let the Salvation Army to have a room outside the shops. People would not be offended by this way the company. I told the director they had only hurt me. I went out and have never again looked at that store or at any of that company's other stores.

Every year I know it is when I see the Salvation Army volunteers ringing their bells and standing next to their red donation pots or buckets the Christmas season. Each time I see some of those red buckets I put $5, $10 or $20 in the container and thank the offer for being there and allowing me to help make the gift. Identify extra information on our related use with - Click here: I thank them because I genuinely believe that they're doing me a favor by allowing me to help people through the Salvation Army. They are the people that have to stand for hours while all-i have to do is put money in the container ringing their bell. They don't receive money for achieving this they only do it out-of love for their fellow humans. I not merely offer at Christmas time, I also submit anonymous donations (For my own ideological factors most of my donations to most organizations are produced anonymously.) at other times of the season and when there are numerous disasters.

I am not related in any way with all the Salvation Army nor have I ever recieved aid from them. The Salvation Army is a religious religious organization and though I am a Christian I am a Catholic. Some people ask me why I share with the Salvation Army instead of the Catholic Church. I let them know that I do give to the Church, but I also give to the Salvation Army. As far as I'm anxious the Salvation Army is one of the best charities around. They attempt to help any and every person no matter race, nationality, shade, sexual desire or religious beliefs. They've never tried to change anyone I know of and they never seem to participate in almost any politicking. The thing I have ever seen them do is help people. They have their beliefs but so far as I have seen they don't make an effort to force those beliefs o-n others.

The Salvation Army is just a spiritual organization, they do have ministries, they do have people, and they do preach the gospel of Christ to people, however, in terms of I am aware they do not preach to people that don't want to hear them and they never require people that they're helping to join them. When I was young, I knew a woman whose family belonged to the Salvation Army. Not once did they ever try to 'change' me, not once did they ever try to talk me into going to services with them and not once did they ever try to do anything other that to be good to me. At that time I was an Agnostic and they knew this-but they never tried to improve my mind and they never judged me.

Ac-cording the Salvation Army, '83 cents of every dollar collected by the Army goes straight to customer service', this is one the highest rates of any non-profit in the world. On the list of services they give are disaster relief services, day care facilities, summer camps, trip support, services for the aging, AIDS education and residential services, medical services, shelters for battered women and kiddies, family and career guidance, vocational education, modification services, and substance abuse rehabilitation. More than 30 million people per year are helped in some sort by ser-vices provided by The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army is actively associated with preventing the international crime of human and sexual trafficking. The battle is fought on two fronts: shaping public policy in Washington, DC, in addition to providing essential services and advocacy for patients. They work 120 adult rehabilitation centers throughout the land, these centers focus solely on whipping substance abuse. If they no longer can cope with their addictions folks with identifiable and treatable needs visit these centers for help. We discovered by browsing books in the library. They receive necessary health care, wholesome foods, and property, and they engage in work therapy. The Salvation Army also operates 18 areas throughout the United States, which provide a comprehensive treatment pro-gram for women and men fighting alcohol and drug addiction. Customers are generally homeless, with limited or no access to other treatment or social service programs. Academic aid alongside classes such as relapse prevention and anger management prepare students for freedom and substantial work. Each year, 1000s of older adults are served by The Salvation Army via a myriad of plans. In the event people claim to be taught additional information on find out more, there are many databases people should investigate. At Salvation Army community stores, seniors could find educational classes, adult day care, hot-lunch programs, and the group of mercy, a community care ministry that sends volunteers to hospitals, nursing facilities, and directly to the homebound to provide a listening ear, a caring heart and a helping hand.

They supply needy families with Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, gifts for children, jackets and shoes for children with none to wear, and visitation to the elderly and imprisoned who have nobody to care for them. People who are in desperate need of fundamentals such as food, clothing and household items throughout the holidays are placed in the treatment of the Armys Adopt a Family program. Each family makes a wish list of things and is matched with a volunteer donor team. Firms, families and school organizations embrace families in this program, generously achieving the needs and instilling hope in those individuals who have none.

The Salvation Army might be a religious organization but their primary function is apparently to help those in need. As a result they are a charity worth donating to. A charity that deserves your donations, not only at The holiday season but year-round. Help them help others. You do not have to become a Christian to provide to them, you don't also have to believe in God. All you have to think in is helping other people..

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