Coffee tables can make or break a room. Many small children have a particular fascination for coffee tables, spending hours investigating the treasures that they can hold. These types of tables tie a living room configuration together by "anchoring" the space in front of your sofas, chairs, or loveseats.

Designer Holly Waterfield of The Brooklyn Home Company used irregularly shaped tree stump coffee tables to bring a natural element indoors. If you have a long sofa, you are going to need a longer table or a pair of coffee tables that will bridge the whole space.

On top of the rectangular sheet of glass perched on legs made of industrial copper pipes sat a couple sleek books— DesignSponge at Home lovemycoffeetable to showcase my modern aesthetic and Edible Selby because I loved the idea of going on culinary adventures around the world—along with an assortment of issues of The New Yorker that I'd tell myself I would sit down and read very soon.

Coffee tables can come in different colors such as black, white, and stained wood for a more traditional look, or even something a little cooler like treated natural wood that offers a more deconstructed and less ‘formal' look. One of the oldest manufacturers of the truly folding design is Cosco who have been making a folding space saving dining room table design since 1941.

Some people may say they can do without the coffee table, but I definitely think that the coffee table is still a necessity in every living room. Square and round coffee tables take up the most space. A wooden piece adds warmth to a room with a natural look. A coffee table, as indicated in its name is a table placed in the living room's center and its main purpose is to serve various refreshments and other food items to the guests whom you entertain at your home.

Like how their table tops provide you with a wealth of space to set down and even display different things. I totally agree with Les, a coffee table serves no purpose in our great room. Scale is really important when it comes to your coffee table, but I prefer to either over scale, so your room is dedicated to seating around a large coffee table or create a central space by having a couple of small skinny coffee tables.