There is nothing worse than walking into someone's living room and seeing a bunch of mismatched furniture paired together. Choose a table with a beautifully finished wooden top or an elegant glass or marble top to give your display items a beautiful place to rest. Imagine a blue room with an orange coffee table. Nesting tables can be spread out throughout the space when more surfaces are required.

An upholstered piece can help to make a living room look more inviting than a hard surface of equivalent dimensions, and here an ottoman boosts comfort levels as it takes the place of a coffee table. But never attempt this, of course, on glass or wicker tables.

Modern homes have limited space and you need smart furniture that does a little more than what it was made for. By using this kind of end tables you can take that extra piece of furniture off the list, saving space and money. In terms of design progression, coffee tables with in-built storage options are a relative newcomer to the home and furniture scene.

Crafted with various materials in different color finishes, each one is made to enhance your individual living room decor Discover modern and rustic coffee table sets, hand-carved drum tables, accent tables with storage, side tables for the sofa or loveseat and more.

Smooth and clean is the appearance of this table in your living room. Modern coffee table designs may also include storage options or additional features. I became so used to not having one, that when I did, didn't want one of those big in-the-way tables, especially when carrying laundry to the sofa to fold, and possibly trip over it.

Modern coffee tables with a majestic design combining different materials. When it comes to decorating a room that will include a coffee table and end tables, you are going to have so many options. Only in the 1938 was a formal definition of a coffee table available, as a low wide table used before a sofa or couch." The modern coffee table serves the same purpose as the ones used in the early days.