He said, 'Avian influenza means chicken influenza. It's a problem for birds right now in other parts of the planet, and it is a problem for birds there.' H-e was begging KSL-TV writer Shelley Osterloh that there was nothing to be worried about in Utah. In fact, h-e informed her 'Utah has other health risks we should fret a...

Recently, Utah's epidemiologist, Dr. Robert Rolfs, shot his entire state with huge dose of complacency and told them not to worry about bird flu.

He said, 'Avian influenza means chicken influenza. It is a problem for birds today in other areas of the planet, and it is a problem for birds there.' H-e was persuading KSL-TV writer Shelley Osterloh that there was nothing to be worried about in Utah. In-fact, h-e told her 'Utah has other health dangers we have to worry about.' You are able to read Rolfs responses at http://www.ksl.com/?nid=148&sid=185817

Rolfs in effect sedated the complete Utah citizenry.

Nevermind that former Utah governor, today, and Mike Leavitt Human Health Secretary, recently came to Utah and said it is time to get prepared for what will be the most devastating pandemic inside our history.

Never mind that Dr. Robert Webster -- the scientist who found H5N1 -- has called avian influenza the 'most terrifying virus' he has ever seen.

Never mind that the researchers, the WHO, and CDC worldwide are trying desperately to get an answer to save whole nations. Identify supplementary info on this affiliated article - Click here: www.

One can almost imagine Osterloh addressing a crowd of Roman citizens in 165 B.C. Learn further on the affiliated portfolio - Browse this link: visit our site. If the Antonine Plague was going to start killing 5,000 Romans a day. 'Do not concern, my fellow Romans. Harken unto me...these rumors of the plague are but whispers in the wind. Go about your company. I've spoken with Rome's greatest physician and h-e says Rome will never fall to plague.'

Rolfs needs Utah citizens to forget about chicken flu and worry about something different, like pertussis. Reporter Osterloh abandons her detachment and sidles around Rolfs and happily agrees that 'The bird flu is not in the united states.' The inference is that Utah citizens shouldn't worry. Perhaps not one bit. Dig up more on a related paper by visiting visit. How can it possibly overcome the grand Wasatch mountains and hurt us? Well, Ms. Osterloh, I suppose we should wait until it requires wing on the thousands of Utah seagulls and a gift is dropped by one of them on your shoulder before Utah people should act.

This false feeling of wellbeing spouted by Rolfs might quickly invade other states, other epidemiologists. Be skeptical of the state-sponsored vaccine of serenity. It's a vaccine your local government wants you to just take so you'll not worry so much. But it might kill you..

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