Here we are, at the final chapter so to speak. Today,
lets talk more on how you go about utilizing the
potential for "Relationship Selling".

You know I've done this myself more times than I can
count. When people point out the obvious to me, a
little alarm goes off in the back of my head saying
"You knew that"! Sometimes it's the most obvious things
you overlook. So, when that little voice says that to
you, just think right back, "Well, why didn't I use it

I started last week with a couple of tips which we'll
recap quickly and then move on to some more Tips Be sure that those annoying little sales pitches
don't ring a bell with your own approach. Sometimes it
can be downright hard not to come off sounding like a

All kinds of things can build or destroy a good
relationship. This is where the word "Alignment" comes
in. You must align yourself with your prospective
client. If your prospective client is a frat house and
you're in the DJ business, you would hardly show teen porn movies up in
a suit and tie, unless of course you want these boys to
eat you alive. On the other hand you don't want to meet
the president of an accounting firm wearing sandals and
a tie-dye tee shirt either. But it goes much farther
than appearance. It's in your language, your mannerisms
and the way you move. Everything about you should align
with what your client needs to see and hear.

Most relationships in your life are built without a
second thought. It's simple action-reaction. Two
strangers meet. One says "good morning" (action), the
other responds "good morning to you" (reaction). Soon
you're talking about what you do for a living and so
on. A simple, subconscious event. Action-Reaction
starts a relationship, but planned action-response
relationships often require research and planning. You
want to lead the conversation in a certain direction,
so you know the response to their reaction to cue the
next reaction-response. Remember, you're a guide. Lead
the conversation in the direction you want, without
using sales pitches, buzz words or mentioning products
or services. The trick is to lead them to the point of
asking you what you want to tell them.

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