Little do we find time out of our busy daily lives to meditate that leads our way towards self-realisation and elevates us higher in the world of spirituality. Maybe a tad more humility is in order, so that we are ready to acknowledge the importance of a good listener sharing in the process of voicing the wisdom gems we deliver (and yet think of as our own!) When listening too we can allow that we have a degree of responsibility for what we hear said to us, and especially the way it is said - with respect, with anger, with contempt - because there are two people involved in the conversation.

There is no other path which requires so much intensity than the path of yoga because you need a colossal acuity of awareness to focus into the darkness of the subconscious mind. When you make a choice, to move towards the path of self-realization, you consciously choose to grow and evolve with life, and you rise above the cycle of life, where the process of growth and evolution is left behind, to experience the ultimate.

Most people have come to realize that the truest feeling about love and life is ultimately hate. Before you realize your higher self, be prepared to go through all the different experiences of life, as it will shape up your body, heart, and mind for the ultimate experience.

These lessons contain techniques of recharging the body, concentration, meditation, and the higher technique of Kriya Yoga, as well as instructions on how to live a balanced material and spiritual life. We learn the value of our realization by living the life of our realization, and in time our actions will embody our awake attention.

According to various Western psychological and philosophical traditions, self-realization is the fulfillment of our personal potential in life. This simple path to self realization is something you can practice in sitting meditation but you can also do it during any other time of the day.