Floor jacks are very handy and useful tools. Often referred to as a garage jack, auto jack, or car jack, the floor jack is a mechanical tool created to lift heavy loads. Also note that this floor jack is also heavy-duty and highly durable due to its steel build construction. The jack features dual-pump design, which makes the lifting process more accessible and offers excellent stability while lifting due to its heavy-duty casters.

A great garage jack would have a higher lift capacity and lifting height. When a floor jack is being used to lift a vehicle so work can be done on it, the floor jack does not have to raise the entire vehicle off the ground. Now that you know all you could possibly need to know about floor jacks, all that's left for you to do is choose the one that's right for you and your usage needs.

But as stated earlier, steel is cheaper than aluminum, therefore, aluminum jacks are costlier. Before you buy a hydraulic cylinder jack, it is important that you determine the desired load capacity. There is not a rapid lift system, causing you to invest a lot of power and time to lift the machine to its maximum height.

The capacity of these low-cost floor jacks is generally claimed at two tons, but when you consider the build-quality - or lack of it - we wouldn't trust them to do that very often. The bottle jack works pretty much in the same manner as the hydraulic floor jack, with the compact size being a major advantage.

The main feature on this floor jack is its immense strength that allows for easy lifts of up to 3.5 tons of weight. These ten best floor jacks below were found to be ahead of the rest in various perspectives. Aside from the standard features, you would see on common Floor Jack For Lifted Trucks jacks this one has wider wheels so it stands solidly on the ground.

With the quality of pump pistons inculcated in this jack, they promote systematic lifting of the vehicle during service with efficient speed. Hydraulic auto jacks are more efficient than mechanical ones, and performance models can reach their maximum position after only 3-5 pumping.