If your hardwood floors are of good quality, bringing a touch of superiority and timelessness to your home, it makes sense that you want to choose the vacuum that is perfect for their care in order to properly protect your precious floor. You need to know that a floor jack's purpose is to lift vehicles. These jacks use hydraulic pressure to lift heavier items with ease, using a long handle to operate the lifting mechanism. For the rest of the vehicles on the road, a standard floor jack that provides versatility for a number of applications is the best choice.

Jack stops lifting without any warning. There is also a fast lifting action when working with this floor jack and that is made possible by its dual pump pistons. A lightweight floor jack has the added benefit of being portable and easier to store. Sunex 6602LP Lowrider is specially targeted for people who want a heavy-duty car jack with low profile design.

A perfect high-quality floor jack for lifted trucks and SUV's that require a high lifting range for a reasonable price. While this jack is perfect for lifting almost any vehicle you will come across, it's weight might make it a factor for some people. This Blackhawk jack is much more affordable than some others on our list, and it has one of the highest lifting capacities.

This jack has a lifting range from 7.88″ to 15.5," making it ideal of trailers, campers, and trucks. 1-ton is equal to 2,000 pounds so a 2-ton floor jack would be able to lift 4,000 pounds safely. It has a dual pump piston structure and some strong lift arms for easy carrying around.

The Arcan Aluminum Floor Jack- Model ALJ3T comes with the company's Rapid Action Dual Pump Pistons which help bring the jack up to its maximum height in a matter of just a few pistons featured on this pump come with a special dust shield that helps with the smooth operation of the pump while preventing it from getting hydraulically only that, this floor jack also comes with a long handle which allows you to have all the leverage you need while being portable at the same time.

As we spoke about the minimum height, we have to mention that the maximum height also plays the crucial role when determining which floor jack to buy. Just slide the jack under your car and pump a long handle to make the hydraulic cylinder does the lifting.

Economy, mid-sized, compact, and subcompact cars can be safely raised by a 2-ton hydraulic car jack while 3-ton jacks should work well with trucks, SUVs, luxury midsized cars, and vans If you're not sure about the appropriate weight rating of the jack for your car, you can always consult your manual.