Do you think that they only purpose of coffee tables are to finish off the look of your living room? It's way more comfortable for kicking up your feet, and there's no worry you'll scratch or scuff a wood or glass finish. If you want to repeat the uncluttered look of this room, opt for fine, metal-legged tables with slim tops like these. This can be another consideration why a wooden table is a better investment than a glass one - aside from the other common fact that glass is fragile and very dangerous, especially in a household full of children.

Many arguments against coffee tables revolve around their sheer size in relation to the amount of stuff — more often than not clutter — that's regularly placed on them. At Jerome's, we have a wide selection of side, accent, and coffee tables that will be a great addition to your living room.

Crafted with various materials in different color finishes, each one is made to enhance your individual living room decor Discover modern and rustic coffee table sets, hand-carved drum tables, accent tables with storage, side tables for the sofa or loveseat and more.

Now that you have your coffee table it's time to think about decorating it. The coffee table provides an incredible opportunity for showcasing your design skills. An important thing to remember is to leave enough space around the coffee table for leg space. In addition to being a convenient way to furnish your living room, a coffee table set is also a fine option because it will really add to the overall look of your space and bring some practicality to it as well.

Nesting tables are a wonderful way to add additional seating with the ingeniously designed benches tucked under the main table unnoticed until needed. It can also add an element of convenience to your home to have tables at different heights to place things on.

Sectionals and large sofas look great when tied together with a grand square coffee table. One of our best sellers is the simple but elegant Otto Coffee Table which is available in over 50 different combinations lovemycoffeetable of woods, lacquers and glass tops. However, there is no reason you have to restrict yourself in this way when purchasing a wooden coffee table when there are so many alternatives available on the market, each with its own unique features.

A coffee table can affect the look and feel of a living room, so it's important to choose the right one for you. Really, coffee table sets are an awesome choice if you don't have the time, or simply the patience, to pick out the furniture for your living room.