Everyone who has ever suffered from this problem is always looking for information that will teach them how to stop the spreading of warts on hands. As a way to bring some joy into the CDC guidelines, 17-year-old William Gibson created —which will allow you to "generate hand washing infographics based on your favorite song lyrics," according to the website. Shake off that water or grab a new paper towel and dry your hands after scrubbing them to Taylor Swift.

After hand-washing is completed, the hands are dried with a sterile cloth and a surgical gown is donned. Xu adds that no matter what type of soap you're using, try not to be too aggressive when it comes #happybirthdaysong to cleaning your hands. Be sure to wash the palms of your hands.

Dyson, manufacturer of the jet air dryer, argued that the study didn't reflect a real-world scenario because the participants' hands were covered with many more germs than they would be normally, and paper towels have germs from other users, even if they have fewer airborne germs.

Hospital antibacterial soap is very important in controlling the spread of bacterial in a hospitals and reduces the risk of getting infection. It is the first programme specifically designed for sports shoes and trainers and claims to keep them like new, saving the time and effort it takes to wash them by hand.

Guinan M, McGuckin M, Ali Y. The effect of a comprehensive handwashing program on absenteeism in elementary schools. If your hands are visibly dirty, old-school soap and water is the way to go, because the action of rubbing and rinsing dislodges bacteria and viruses.